The Setup

Ever signed up for a marketing app and never used it? We will set up The Sling for you with tried and tested strategies so you can hit the ground running

We will Set It Up For You

Your Sling Platform will be set up for you by a Sling Expert. Your dedicated Sling Expert is a practitioner of our sales and marketing systems. Your Sling Expert will work with you to get you up and running to use the platform and marketing system.

The setup process includes:

Marketing System Design

  • 1-hour workshop to design your marketing system

Marketing Features

  • Configuring The Sling Platform
  • Creating your Lead Magnet
  • Integrate Lead magnet into your website

Sales Features

  • Integrating your Booking Calendar into your website
  • Creating your tailored Sales Pipeline
  • Installing The Sling Chat Widget on your website


  • Integrating your  Social Media Accounts into The Sling Platform
  • Integrating your calendar into The Sling Platform
  • Assistance with your SMS Compliance documentation


  • 1-hour training session
  • Complete instructional videos on how to use the platform

Client Stories

Want to know if what we do works? Here what our clients have to say about their Sales Driven Website.
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