The Sleeping Giant Strategy

The quickest way to get more sales is to convert the prospects in your database into clients and upsell your existing and past clients

There is a sleeping giant in your business

Most people want to get more leads to grow their business. But there are two buckets of untapped opportunity that can grow your business faster than lead generation:

Your existing prospect database

If you have an existing database then you have a list of prospects who are your ideal clients. All you have to do it engage them and motivate them to book in a call. Do you spend the time getting these prospects ready to engage or are you alway looking for more when you haven’t converted what you already have?

Your past or existing clients

The most expensive part of sales in lead generation. It is much easier and quicker to sell more to an existing customer than to find a new customer to sell to. Are you consistently upselling your existing customers?

The cost of lead generation

Lead generation is extremely expensive as there are few costs associated with acquiring the lead.

Ad spend

If you are running ads, there is a financial cost and this might be anywhere from $2 – $100 for lead

Marketing Agencies and freelancers

The cost of a marketing agency can range from $500 – $5000 per month and this cost needs to included in the cost of a lead

Your time cost

If you or your team are involved in the lead generation then your time is a major cost. If you calculate your hourly rate in the hours you spend you will see it ads up very quickly

Material costs

There are costs associated with lead generation like printing, graphic design and other hard costs

When you ammortise these costs you will get a true value of the cost to generate leads. If you already have a client base of database of prospects these costs become obsolete. 

Also the quality of a lead in your database should be higher than a new cold lead from a marketing campaign

How to turn database leads into clients?

You need a sales machine to convert leads into clients. This sales machine can be used as part of the database warm up but is also used in the lead generation process so building it has a dual purpose.

The sales machine should include the following to warm up the leads, get them booked into an appointment and then follow them through to a sale.


Automated emails

to educate your prospects and keep your business top of mind



To get their attention when you send them offers


Phone calls

for you to call them when they are showing indications of being ready to take the next step


Sales pipeline and CRM

to track their progress along the sales process and keep the sales people accountable

How to grow your business without generating new leads…

Step #1

Start nurturing your existing database

Step #2

Create a irresistible offer

Step #2

Create a irresistible offer

Step #3

Create a conversion event

Step #4

Holding meeting with prospect or client

Step #4

Holding meeting with prospect or client

Step #5

Follow up

Step #6

Rinse and repeat

Step #6

Rinse and repeat

Book a strategy call

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