Marketing Coaching + Training

Take back control of your marketing by taking it in-house

Don’t work with a marketing agency that over promises and under delivers. Take your marketing in house and get better results.

A proven process for incredible marketing results.

Training for you and your entire marketing and sales teams.

Your fastest path to online Marketing Success.

How we can help you?

Our programs help you get an ROI from your marketing effort and spend

Marketing Mastery Program

Our 12 month marketing coaching program that turns marketing into a profit centre for your business

Marketing Machine Foundation

The complete sales and marketing platform to capture leads, nurture, then convert them into clients designed for service based businesses

Marketing Heroes Program

We will hire, train and coach you and your marketing VA to execute marketing campaigns that grow your business

A successful online marketing strategy

Online Marketing done by you

How The Sling helps companies implement a successful marketing strategy

The Sling coaches and trainers can help you eliminate the learning curve. You’ll master online marketing faster, and see results sooner.

"Taking control of my marketing with The Sling's help has transformed my business"

“In the last 2 years I have gone from struggling to find prospects and appointments to having too many opportunites and not enough time to service them. I have also hired a marketing assistant who attends the coaching and has replaced the need for a marketing agency.”

Geoff Thomkins, Owner, GCT Property

A Different approach, to getting results

Logical Growth is a marketing strategy with one obsession at its core: “How to get an ROI from marketing effort?”

By Focusing on 10 straightforward concepts, we have helped many business seee amazing sales success.

THE SLING teaches organizations to successfully implement the Logical Growth Marketing Strategy so they can finally see results from their marketing efforts.

Guidance to fuel your growth for years to come

You will be guided through the whole process, from strategy to implementation to evaluation, from novice to mastery. We provide coaching for leaders, training for teams, and a unifying vision for your company’s growth.

Our coaching and training programs have end dates assigned before you begin. That means once you graduate from our program, you won’t need an agency’s help in the future.

Your independence and mastery is our goal.

Master the 10 core concepts of Online Marketing

If you're struggling to get traction with Online Marketing The SLING provides you the guidance, expertise, and education you need to get aligned and on the path to becoming the most trusted authority in your industry.

How to get started with your marketing coaching and training

Talk with an advisor

Our advisors will help you decide if The Sling can provide you with a program that will help you achieve your growth goals. 

Pick your Program

We will help you choose the beset program based on the size of your business and team. Each program is crafted to help you get the best results fast.

Get results

You will see results within weeks as we start you on your predefined marketing and sales program. You will build your marketing from the ground up until you are fully independant.

Schedule your meeting with a SLING advisor to get started