Marketing Growth Accelerator Workshop

I will show you how to build a 12-month marketing execution plan to grow your business in the next 12 months

Webinar starts on...

Friday 8 April 2022

11am AEST


3 Secrets You'll Learn

Secret #1

The 5 marketing strategies that you must master to grow

Secret #2

The top 3 marketing tools every business should use

Secret #3

  1. How to get better results than a marketing agency

Marlon Marescia

Webinar Presenter

Marlon is the founder and head coach of The Sling, a marketing coaching company that empowers its members to get double the results of a marketing agency at the fraction of the cost.

Webinar Outline

Are you disappointed with your marketing results?

Unfortunately, most businesses are disappointed.

If you want to see explosive growth through online marketing this year in your business you need to do something different.

What you need is an actionable plan that explains every step you need to take to see massive growth.

This road has been traveled before by the top businesses in your industry.

You just don’t know the steps yet.

If you want to know what needs to be in this plan for your business then join this week’s webinar.

In the webinar, I will show you how to get a plan that is easy to follow and outperforms all other strategies I have tried.


“This process works. Thanks to Marlon I sold 6 websites in 2 weeks worth $45K. The clients couldn’t signup fast enough once I presented my website solution to them.”

Tony Labrum, Zebra House

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